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KemBeauty and Co only uses a fine hard wax, made with all natural beeswax and pure  turmeric extract to give you the most comfortable wax experience.  With our signature wax protocol, our wax experience will be the  most comfortable, most luxurious wax experience you’ve ever had.



 Brazilian wax 75$ first time guest price:50$

Our brazilain wax uses our signature gentle wax, and includes a softening treatment to hydrate and pamper the skin. This can be done using a speed waxing technique or a gentle waxing technique.


Lux Brazilian Wax 80$ first time guest price 55$

 Our most popular wax experience, using our signature gentle wax, includes a softening treatment to hydrate and pamper the skin, and includes an led treatment with steam to soothe any inflammation.  This is a true experience for your guests,and will turn a simple wax into a time for pampering and relaxation. Can be done using a speed wax technique or a gentle waxing technique


We welcome people of all genders to wax with us! You will enjoy your wax experience! Join our wax club and save.


Brow sculpt and fill:20$- 25$

Using our gentle wax, eyebrows are expertly sculpted using precise measurements for your best brow.  After wax, brows are colored in. You will love your brows!


Other wax areas:

Australian wax (buttocks): 75$

Ear wax:25$

Nostril: 25$



Chin: 10$


Jaw: 20$

Neck (front): 15$

Underarm: 25$

Brow tint:40$

*We specialize in intimate areas, face, and brow waxing, but full body waxing is available. Appointment only. Pricing is the same for all genders.

Clarify & Refine:120$ first time guest price: 100$

This is the perfect facial to begin your skincare journey. With our expert Skin professional,you will leave with noticeably smoother skin, less blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, a healthy glow that lasts  days not hours, and noticeably improved skin hydration.  


Deep Treatment  Custom Facial: 180$ first time guest price 140$

This Facial is used to target specific skin care challenges, like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and pimples.  This facial uses a combination of Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels, nano needling, and intense nourishing treatments for our guests to see results.


Dermaplaning add on: 30$

Dermaplaning is the perfect add on for guests looking for a deep exfoliation.  This treatment will also remove the fine hairs off your face, along with layers of dead skin. Done in combination with our Deep Treatment Custom Facial.


Microneedling add on: 50$

 Microneedling is perfect for those suffering from deep acne scars and is done in combination with our Deep treatment custom facial. 



Our vajacial is a euphoric experience. We use three treatments to soften and refine your intimate areas. This treatment will help dissolve ingrown hairs, exfoliate and soften skin, and brighten your intimate areas. In addition to this, you will also enjoy a steam treatment and a hand arm and neck massage.


Natural luxury lashes 2h 200$ first time guest price:100$

 This is our version of natural glam  This look is accomplished by applying one lash to one lash, giving more length, increased thickness, and more curl to the natural lash. Perfect for everyday glam.

Signature Hybrid luxe lash 2.5h 225$ first time guest price: 150$

This is our most popular look.  This gives more length, thickness, curl and volume at the same time! This is perfect for an everyday glamorous look. It can go effortlessly from daytime to date-time. Available in spikes or classic mapping.

Plush Volume Luxe Lash 2.5h 250$ First time guest price:200$

This is for the beauty who wants a high-profile glam look.  This set is noticeably full and vivacious! Accomplished with our softest volume lashes for a high glam appearance. Available in spikes or classic mapping.

Mega Volume Luxe Lash 2.5h 300$ first time guest price:250$

Our most voluminous set, where every suitable lash gets a lash.This look is full of volume, extremely fluffy and perfect for the beauty who wants a high profile look full of drama and sass!  Available in spikes or classic mapping.


Starting refill rate for non-members:

Natural Luxury Lashes: 35$ a week

Signature Hybrid Luxe Lash:.40$ a week

Plush Volume Luxe Lash: 45$ a week

Mega Volume Luxe Lash: 50$ a week


We know you are going to love our lashes, the environment,  and the comfort we provide all our guests.  Because of this, we highly recommend you join our lash club to save on your refills, and receive a discount on all our services. Call to learn more. Welcome to the Kem Beauty Family!


Keratin Lash Lift 145$ first time guest: 100$

Using a keratin lifting process, your natural lashes are lifted, tinted and treated with a keratin lifting process. It’s recommended every 3 months. 

With semi permanent makeup, you will wake up everyday with your  most beautiful look.   This is not the permanent makeup of the 80s. Our artists specialize in beautiful elegant looks that flatter your natural beauty and deliver breathtaking results

Powder Brows:450/500

Our powder brow gives the look of a naturally filled in brow. This has the look of makeup. You may choose from a solid brow, an ombre brow, or a pixelated look.

Microshade with hairstrokes:450$/500$

This is our most popular look.  We combine the shaded powder brow with very natural hair strokes for a beautiful, natural look. The best of both worlds!

Machine Microblade:450$

This look is the very natural hairstrokes only. Performed with the machine method, which will give you long lasting crisp brows

Lip Blush: 450$

This gives a beautiful color tone to the lips and perfect shape. Imagine the most perfect pout, and a cupids bow that gives you the most supple look! Traditional lipstick could never compare to this elegant flawless lip.

Natural Eyeliner 450$ 

Do you apply eyeliner every day? If so, then this beautiful service is for you! You can have a natural liner or a dramatic line. With this service, everyone will be complimenting your new perfect eyeliner. Without a doubt!

Dramatic Eyeliner 225$ per session

Once you receive a natural line, if you would like a more dramatic look, it will be completed in sessions,typically just one additional session.

Removal:150$ per session

Correction from outside work:starting at 200$ per session

Natural Lip enhancement 200$

This is a great  no needle-pain free alternative to traditional injectable  lip fillers.  Using a hyaluronic acid serum, lips will be noticeably more plump and supple.  Lasts up to 2 months with proper care. 


Signature Massage: 100$

This is an appointment only, 60 minute relaxing service using our custom blended essential oil massage blend, with avocado nut and hemp oil.We transform you to a world of relaxation and peace with this energetically healing experience. Complete with frankincense and myrrh incense,  real candles, and an amazingly tranquil environment. Please call to book.


Also available:

Couple Massage, Chair and Maternity Massage

For Appointment please call or text (267)497-8881