Permanent Makeup Bar

With semi permanent makeup, you will wake up everyday with your most beautiful look. This is not the permanent makeup of the 80s. Our artists specialize in beautiful elegant looks that flatter your natural beauty and deliver breathtaking results

Powder Brows:450/500

Our powder brow gives the look of a naturally filled in brow. This has the look of makeup. You may choose from a solid brow, an ombre brow, or a pixelated look.

Microshade with hairstrokes:450$/500$

This is our most popular look. We combine the shaded powder brow with very natural hair strokes for a beautiful, natural look. The best of both worlds!

Machine Microblade:450$

This look is the very natural hairstrokes only. Performed with the machine method, which will give you long lasting crisp brows

Lip Blush: 450$

This gives a beautiful color tone to the lips and perfect shape. Imagine the most perfect pout, and a cupids bow that gives you the most supple look! Traditional lipstick could never compare to this elegant flawless lip.

Natural Eyeliner 450$

Do you apply eyeliner every day? If so, then this beautiful service is for you! You can have a natural liner or a dramatic line. With this service, everyone will be complimenting your new perfect eyeliner. Without a doubt!

Dramatic Eyeliner 225$ per session

Once you receive a natural line, if you would like a more dramatic look, it will be completed in sessions,typically just one additional session.

Removal:150$ per session

Correction from outside work:starting at 200$ per session

Natural Lip enhancement 200$

This is a great no needle-pain free alternative to traditional injectable lip fillers. Using a hyaluronic acid serum, lips will be noticeably more plump and supple. Lasts up to 2 months with proper care.


Get Perfect Henna Brows

Having the perfectly shaped eyebrows shouldn’t be difficult anymore. With the henna brows, you can now get thick, dark, and gap-free brows instantly. Henna brows are a perfect and lasting solution for people who hate to draw on their eyebrows every other day.

It can add tint to your brows in a painless and natural way—no need for eye pencils or powder. With henna brows, you can now wake up every morning and enjoy your day without worrying about your brow shape.

Best Makeup Services in Town

With our makeup services, make yourself feel and look gorgeous at the next party, family dinner, wedding or date. Make yourself look beautiful, gorgeous, and overall breathtaking. Not only does it enhance your features, but using makeup shows self-care and gives you control over your skin.

Whether you choose to keep it subtle or want to stand out from the crowd with dark and bold colors, Kem Skin can offer you a look for every occasion. Life isn’t perfect, but with us, your brows sure can!

Permanent Makeup in Yardley, PA

Now you can look your best, with our services. Wedding, dinner, or party, get a look for every evening. Our employees are some of the best professionals available in Pennsylvania. With their extended experience in the field, rest assure that you are in great hands.

Makeup is a powerful way to express yourself. An artistic approach to making yourself stand apart from the crowd.

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Kemskin was created in 2017 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA at a time when our founder saw that there was and extreme need for people to find the beauty in themselves and the beauty in their heritage. Many spa rituals practiced at the Kemskin are inspired by ancient African healing rituals.  Many of them share similarity with spa rituals from countries all around the world. The Kemskin Spa loves to celebrate what makes us beautiful as individuals, and what makes us the same.  We share a vision of beautification through self-love, self-discovery, and self-preservation.




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