Professional and Luxurious Manscaping at Kemskin

With the advancement of time, men are getting into the spa experience and luxury, and therefore we have introduced professional manscaping services for all the gentlemen out there. We provide affordable male wax and other beauty and spa services so that men, too, can enjoy the wonders of a relaxing day at a luxury salon.

Whether you want to get manscaping services to get a clean look or a professional athlete who must have to be groomed to, you are more than welcome at Kemskin, where indulgence and convenience go hand in hand.

Kemskin’s Manscaping Services for Modern Men

Manscaping is all about feeling and looking your best. And we know men like to be groomed too and to provide them with a pleasing, painless experience, we have come up with manscaping services – all that body waxing, trimming, and shaving.  At Kemskin, we have kicked out the men’s stereotype of being unhygienic and not-into-self-care by offering them a relaxing time at our spa.

If you are new to manscaping and searching for the “best manscaping services near me,” visit us, our team of expert estheticians will walk you through every step in detail. You can achieve that confident, presentable, and attractive look just by scaping-away at Kimskin.

Lux Brazilian Wax

Our Brazilian wax uses our signature gentle wax and includes a softening treatment to hydrate and pamper the skin. This can be done using a speed waxing technique or a gentle waxing technique.

At Kemskin, we offer a variety of manscaping services specifically tailored to male bodies and needs.

Body Trimming

Body Shaving

Body Waxing

The Brazilian Service

Nail Services



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