How do you know if permanent Makeup is for you?

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Tiya Monae, Certified Permanent makeup artist, Lead Esthetician and Massage therapist believes that permanent makeup is ideal for people who lead very hectic lives and want naturally beautiful makeup every day that accentuates and compliments her natural beauty.  Permanent makeup is great for the woman that likes a classic, timeless look, but wants to save time and regain those valuable hours and minutes spent doing her makeup every day.

How do you know if microblading or powder brows are for you?

While anyone can receive microblading, Tiya recommends microblading for women who have a very complicated brow shape and are longing for a look that balances their imperfections and gives a beautiful, natural easy to wear brow.  For example, if your brows are sparce from years of tweezing and waxing, if one side of your face sits higher than the other, or if you fill your brows in regularly and just want to save time with the perfect shape, microblading and powder brows will be the best procedure for you to accomplish a beautifully natural look. It’s not only about whether your brows are thick or thin, It’s about accomplishing the most flattering shape for your face; brow pigmentation will give you that no matter how thin or thick your natural brows are.

Does permanent makeup and microblading look fake and tattoo-like, does it really look like makeup?

Permanent makeup, microblading and powder brows have come a long way from the harsh, sharp looking appearance popular in the 80s.  Today, micropigmentation looks exactly like makeup, and your friends, family and loved ones will not see a tattoo when they look at you.  All they will notice is your beautiful brow shape, your flawless eyeliner, and your new sultry lips when you receive permanent Makeup and microblading with Tiya.

Why should you choose Tiya as your permanent makeup and microblading artist?

Tiya has been in the beauty industry for five years.  Before she received her permanent makeup certification, she was a makeup artist and has spent years helping people look and feel their best.  She knows how to accentuate the natural beauty all people have, and how to find the look that highlights the best in you.  Tiya has an eye for what looks good and will take her time to give you the look that will flatter your natural beauty for years to come. You are in the best hands with Tiya as your artist.

Still have questions?

Contact Tiya directly and she will answer any questions you have.  See these helpful youtube videos for more information. 


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