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Custom Aging Management Facial 60m
Manage the aging process and age gracefully. This facial targets darks spots and fine lines. It
offers a deep exfoliation that penetrates skin in order to effect the dermal layer. This facial
includes a deep hydrating treatment that leaves skin glowing and at peak hydration. Your facial
will be customized to you skin type. Ideal for people between the ages 25 and older who are
noticing changes in their skin due to the aging process. Will be customized to address you
needs: darks pots, hormonal breakouts, dehydrated skin, flaky dry skin, and flaky oily skin. This
facial will include microdermabrasion treatment or chemical peel.

Custom Acne Facial 60m
This facial will greatly change the skin of anyone who is suffering from regular, prolonged
breakouts. It will include in depth analysis of skin regimen for best results. Includes a unique
exfoliation that unclogs pores and reduces inflammation to calm breakouts and provide results.
Will be customized to address your needs. This facial will include a calming treatment mask or
chemical peel.

Sacred Healing Facial 60m
This Treatment session rebalances the total body and brings the mind, body and spirit to a state
of perfect tranquility. Includes face and neck massage that increases blood circulation in order
to reduce inflammation & increase nutrients to the skin. Also soothes muscles in neck and
chest. Includes an all-natural skin treatment that reduces inflammation and over oily skin. Also
provides intense hydration to nourish skin.


       Facial Type


       Custom Aging Management Facial

 $ 90.00

      Custom Acne Facial

 $ 90.00

      Sacred Healing Facial


$ 90.00

$ 125.00

      Add ons:


      10 Min of Additional Massage

 $ 25.00


 $ 30.00

      Chemical Peel

 $ 30.00

      Treatment Mask

 $ 30.00

      Galvanic Frequency Therapy


      High Frequency Light Therapy


      Ultrasonic Treatment



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