Eyelash extensions Guide: How to Achieve the Best Curl.

Eyelash extensions are a great revolutionary product in the fashion culture, benefitting women to look and feel their best. It saves you from the trouble of applying mascaras and gives actual glamour from within and immense confidence.

So, now if you are planning to get any eyelash extensions to pump your look. Let me stop you right there. Going for any type of eyelash extensions is definitely a bad choice because when you choose the wrong eyelash extensions, you will only end up with eyelash that’s just isn’t cute.

The best thing you can do to achieve the best curl is to have professionals install your eyelash extensions for you. If you are looking for the best eyelash extensions in Yardley, that suit you, feel free to call Kemskin and book your appointment to achieve beautiful lasting eyelash extensions.

When looking for lash extensions one of the most important things to consider is the lash curls. Their different lash curls and each curl will give you a different look. The right curls will depend on several factors including the shape of your eye and the length of your natural lash length.

Guide to Lash Extension Curls

B Curl Eyelash Extensions

The B curl help create a subtle look. It is a great option for those looking for a very natural look. The base of the B curl is comparatively straight and the curl is not lifted too much. The B curl is however not a good option for those with down-sloping or straight natural lashes, as the lash extension may be dragged down by the natural lashes.

C Curl Eyelash Extensions

The C curl is the most popular eyelash extension as it works well with the majority of eye shapes. The C curls have more curl than a B curl with more flicks at the edge, which helps the eyes look wider and more awake. The C curls can also be styled to look very natural as well as more dramatic depending on what the client wants.

D Curl Eyelash Extensions

The D curl is the most dramatic curls. It is a great option if you are looking for a thick and long lash look that makes your eyes look wide open. Due to its semi-circular shape, the D curl doesn’t last as long as the B and C curls.

Now you know which lash curls you want for your eyes, contact Kemskin to achieve the best eyelashes. And if you are still confused about your choice, don’t worry, we can help you find the right curl. We offer affordable and lasting eyelash extensions in Yardley for more information visit Kemskin.com.

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