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Lash extensions are perfect for women and men of all ages.  Styling is customized for each guest, in order for you to achieve a look that accentuates your best features.  Styles range from classic-natural to sexy-volume.

Natural luxury lashes 2h 200$ first time guest price:100$

 This is our version of natural glam  This look is accomplished by applying one lash to one lash, giving more length, increased thickness, and more curl to the natural lash. Perfect for everyday glam.

Signature Hybrid luxe lash 2.5h 225$ first time guest price: 150$

This is our most popular look.  This gives more length, thickness, curl and volume at the same time! This is perfect for an everyday glamorous look. It can go effortlessly from daytime to date-time. Available in spikes or classic mapping.

Plush Volume Luxe Lash 2.5h 250$ First time guest price:200$

This is for the beauty who wants a high-profile glam look.  This set is noticeably full and vivacious! Accomplished with our softest volume lashes for a high glam appearance. Available in spikes or classic mapping.


Mega Volume Luxe Lash 2.5h 300$ first time guest price:250$

Our most voluminous set, where every suitable lash gets a lash.This look is full of volume, extremely fluffy and perfect for the beauty who wants a high profile look full of drama and sass!  Available in spikes or classic mapping.



Natural Luxury Lashes: 30$ a week

Signature Hybrid Luxe Lash:.35$ a week

Plush Volume Luxe Lash: 40$ a week

Mega Volume Luxe Lash: 45$ a week


We know you are going to love our lashes, the environment,  and the comfort we provide all our guests.  Because of this, we highly recommend you join our lash club to save on your refills, and receive a discount on all our services.  Welcome to the Kem Beauty Family!


Keratin Lash Lift 145$ first time guest: 100$

Using a keratin lifting process, your natural lashes are lifted, tinted and treated with a keratin lifting process. It’s recommended every 3 months.


I wanted a natural look and she delivered an ACTUAL mink Install. She took her time and was precise considering my previous lash damage. Now I'm super happy:)
JíJí Monosíet

Kemskin was created in 2017 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA at a time when our founder saw that there was and extreme need for people to find the beauty in themselves and the beauty in their heritage. Many spa rituals practiced at the Kemskin are inspired by ancient African healing rituals.  Many of them share similarity with spa rituals from countries all around the world. The Kemskin Spa loves to celebrate what makes us beautiful as individuals, and what makes us the same.  We share a vision of beautification through self-love, self-discovery, and self-preservation.




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