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I Have Been A Passionate Aesthetician

Kemskin was created in 2017 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA at a time when our founder saw that there was and extreme need for people to find the beauty in themselves and the beauty in their heritage. Many spa rituals practiced at the Kemskin are inspired by ancient African healing rituals.  Many of them share similarity with spa rituals from countries all around the world. The Kemskin Spa loves to celebrate what makes us beautiful as individuals, and what makes us the same.  We share a vision of beautification through self-love, self-discovery, and self-preservation.

natiya Monae

Lead Aesthetician/Founder

Who we are

The Kemskin Spa is a chain of spas that originated on the east coast.  We offer our guests the convenience and luxury of having all their spa needs at one place.  With the convenience we provide, there’s need to have several different memberships for your spa services. We will provide all your waxing, lash extensions, facials and massage services at one place, done with the seasoned hands of skilled professionals who are experts in their craft!


At the Kemskin Spa, we intend to leave this world more beautiful, more positive, and more beneficial to its inhabitants, than we inherited it. We will provide skincare that is effective in solving skin problems we claim to heal and use ingredients that are sustainable that encourage preservation of our world. We will always strive to make sure our guests feel happy to be a part of the Kemskin Spa and to provide services that are centered around the needs of our guests in order to assure their best service experience. Lastly, to be an example of excellence in the beauty industry and to make a positive impact on our community and world.