5 reasons you should start waxing if you haven't already

Many of us want to be hairless.  No matter what time of year, there is nothing like smooth skin. Here are 5 reasons why if you shave or use hair removal creams every day, waxing will be a great hair removal option you should consider.

By Tiya Monae

1. Unnecessary roughness

  If you are shaving daily, then you are causing your skin unnecessary trauma on a regular basis. Using hair removal creams is a bit easier and there’s no risk of a hack job, but the harsh chemicals are similar to what is used in hair relaxers and it is very toxic to the skin. Although waxing may sting, our wax is made from all natural ingredients, and is only done once a month!

2. The growth factor.

Because  shaving and  the use of hair removal creams does not remove the hair from the root, stubble is often left behind and you may feel  hair growing back as soon as the very same day.  With waxing, the hair is  removed from its root, which means with monthly visits, you will see less hair and slower growth.It will take weeks, sometimes even months to  notice hair growth when waxing, as opposed to only days if not hours with shaving or chemical burns. 

3. Your skin will thank you.

  When waxing, your skin receives a natural exfoliation.  Shaving and hair removal creams do not provide any exfoliation; they only skim the surface of the skin and result in an increased chance of ingrown hairs.  On average waxing regularly will lead to  increased smoothness of at least 47% in the skin.

4. Discoloration

For most, intimate areas carry more melanin than the rest of our bodies. Because shaving and hair removal creams can cause trauma to the skin, repeated use can make these intimate areas appear even darker.   Since waxing is only required once a month, there is much less damage caused to the skin.

5.No Risk! No Mess!

No creams, no chemical burns, no cuts, no daily routine, no stubble, and less ingrown hairs!.  In addition to all this, waxing is safer for your skin, its one visit a month, no daily maintenance, no harsh chemicals, and your hair grows slower and thinner with monthly visits.

At Kem Beauty & Co we use a fine hard wax infused with beeswax and turmeric extract for a more comfortable wax experience.  We provide a softening treatment for the skin and  we carry wonderful products that will hydrate, soften and soothe the skin.  During your wax session, our waxologist can wax amazing letters and patterns. We offer both speed waxing and gentle waxing for all genders.



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